Sell Your Home Quickly by Making it a Neutral Space

modern and neutral room in house, interior design with grey and beige colored furniture and wooden elements

When you put your home on the market, you're offering it up to an unknown group of people. These people might have vastly different tastes from you. If you want to sell your home quickly - and at the best price - you need to make it attractive to the widest possible audience.

Follow these tips to make your home a "neutral zone" and watch it fly off the market:

Paint the Walls White

You can't go wrong with white walls. Sure, they might look boring to you, but they are sure not to be a point of contention with potential home buyers. In fact, it is one of the most simple ways to help you sell your home quickly.

Bright, dark, or neon colors can turn off potential home buyers, who might not appreciate your choice of color schemes. Remember that color choices are individual. Even if you think that your kitchen looks fabulous in crimson red - potential home buyers might not - and you want potential home buyers to be able to imagine themselves in your space.

Painting your walls white also serves the added bonus of making the rooms look larger, thus increasing the potential observed value of your home.

Take the Pictures off the Walls

Your family portraits are meaningful and gorgeous - to you. But your potential home buyers are not in your family, and when they see your family on the walls, it's more difficult for them to imagine their own family in those pictures.

Also, be sure to observe whether the art that you have on the walls is "neutral" enough. You might love the giant mural you have covering your bedroom wall, but for some buyers, that mural might be a big "home turn-off."

It might help your home's perceived value to have some tasteful art on the walls, but make sure that the art is something that would be appreciated by a large subset of the population in order to help sell your home quickly.

De-Clutter the Outside of the Refrigerator

This is an easy tip to help sell your home quickly. Most of us have some things hanging on our refrigerator - perhaps some magnets, the electricity bill, children's artwork, or similar. These things might be important to your household, but they have no place on your refrigerator when you're in the midst of selling your home.

When potential home buyers come into your kitchen for a walk-through, they should feel as though the space could be their own... and there are few things as personalized as the contents papering over the surfaces of someone else's refrigerator.

Neutralize All Odors to Sell Your Home Quickly

It's not just the things that people see that can deter them from buying a home... it's also the scents that enter their nostrils.

If you have a pet, you need to concentrate on getting that "pet odor" out of your home. It might not be something that you can perceive, because you're so used to it - but it's certain that the smell of your cat, dog, rabbit, or similar is pervading your home in some way.

Don't try to cover up the scent with noxious "air fresheners." Some people are allergic to these smells. Find a way to air and out thoroughly expunge the pet odor from your home.

Also, be careful with other odors that might be lingering in your home, such as food odors that might be lingering in the kitchen. If you cook with very pungent spices, or if you cook certain foods quite often, those smells might still be lingering in your kitchen. Just like with the pet odors, you might not even notice the smells because you're so used to them.

Remember that your potential home buyers want an opportunity to start afresh in your house. They want things to look and smell fresh in their future home! Clean it up and you will be able to sell your home quickly!