Selling a House Fast with These 5 Pocket-Friendly Fixtures

Young woman designing or fixing a room with new lights when selling a house

When it comes to selling a house, the dream is to sell it quickly and get the asking price. But most property sales don't work out this way.

Sometimes, a house remains on the market for so long that it prompts price reductions. Such scenarios can be extremely frustrating especially if you need the full amount quickly.

However, there are affordable improvements that can increase the odds of selling a house quickly and getting the anticipated amount. If you're looking for some, here are five fixtures to consider.


Many real estate agents recommend repainting your house before putting it on sale. Apart from requiring minimal effort, a new coat of the right color can offer a maximum payoff.

For instance, while bright, bold colors can make your home more difficult to sell, going with popular or trendy colors makes it easy for potential buyers to love the home.

A study conducted by Zillow revealed that homes painted in light shades sold faster and way above the expected price. So choose light and trendy colors, like grey and beige to increase your chances of selling quickly.


First impressions matter when selling a house. And a well-maintained landscape is the best way to boost your home's curb appeal.

Once potential buyers start visiting your house, your landscaping should evoke interest and excitement. Fortunately, you don't need to break the bank to do that.

For a couple of hundreds of dollars and a few hours, you can:

  • Remove weeds, apply fertilizer and water your yard.
  • Mow your lawn
  • Plant seasonal flowering perennials or shrubs.
  • Add a few deciduous trees

Improve Energy Efficiency

The demand for energy-efficient homes continues to grow tremendously. And green homes demand a higher market price than ordinary houses.

According to a study conducted at the University of California, energy-efficient homes commanded a 9% average premium price while homes with poor energy ratings sold at discount.

Therefore, it can be wise to check your home energy ratings before putting it on the market. You can start by comparing your energy bills with neighbors and checking your insulation. If your bills are high, check your insulation.

No buyer wants to move into a home and end up paying huge bills. Fixing your insulation can reduce your home's energy bills by 10%, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Other ways to improve energy efficiency when selling a house include:

  • Servicing your air conditioner
  • Sealing air ducts and cracks on walls.
  • Installing thermostats
  • Using energy-efficient lighting

Make Your Floors Spotless

Your house will probably be vacant when potential buyers visit. Flooring will, therefore, be one of the first things that determine whether the buyers will be impressed or not.

An old carpet or stained flooring will definitely turn off potential buyers. So make sure yours is spotless by either cleaning it thoroughly or refinishing it using cost-effective water-based products.

If it's a lot of work for you, consider hiring a professional cleaner. The last thing you want is to lose a great deal when selling a house because of a manageable and avoidable mistake.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Most buyers prioritize the kitchen over other rooms because it's the heart of every home. So make sure all other rooms are updated and then revamp your kitchen with affordable cosmetic upgrades.

Keep in mind that renovating your kitchen can be expensive and may not always guarantee great returns. But with a few dollars, you can do the following adjustments and still get a reasonable resale value:

  • Paint kitchen cabinets, entryways, baseboards, and trim
  • Remove personal items such as personal photos, artwork, and religious or political decor.
  • Clean counter-tops

Selling your home fast might be difficult but not impossible. With these low-cost improvements, you can immediately change the perception of most buyers and raise your home's value without hitting your wallet hard.